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Courses and Prices are subject to change without notice.


Mandarin Garden has eight years of teaching Chinese. The school has a legitimate teaching qualification (teaching license No. 131010572011090). There are three centers in Shanghai, Wuxi, Ningbo, Changchun, Wuhan, Yunnan Lijiang. School learning environment with Chinese characteristics, in Chinese setting of marine culture .

It is a member of the World Society for Chinese Language Teaching, and it was authorized in January 2012 as "Hanban / Confucius Institute Headquarters Confucius Institute Distance Education Centre the new HSK network quiz point qualification.

International student student visa issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education. 


Specifically designed for young students aged 14-20 from around the world and in China to continue the work and life of foreign students and a full set of Chinese service tailored for international high school students, college students.


Our goal is to provide the most professional service for international students, study abroad, study tours, all arrangements, as well as to help students apply for HSK courses, and ultimately  enter Chinese Universities and other institutions.

The Chinese Foundation course

This course is organised to improve the level of Chinese students in the short term.

Intensive 20 Course/20 lessons intensive course

Focusing on listening, speaking, reading

20 hours per week

Monday to Friday: 9:00 --- 12:30

Intensive 30 Course/30 lessons intensive classes

Focusing on on listening, speaking, reading and writing

30 lessons per week, 55 minutes each lesson, including the 10-minute break

Monday to Friday: morning 9 to 12 point and a half, from 13:30 to 3:10

Summer and winter camps

In the past four years, more than 300 young people from around the world have participated in the Confucian the Mori Chinese Summer summer and winter camps. Mandarin Garden summer and winter camps will lead you into the kingdom of pure Chinese, to experience fascinating Chinese culture, Chinese history and Chinese cuisine. We will help you discover our traditions and modern life, spend a meaningful charming holiday. 

2012 Dates & Prices in RMB

Intensive Class

Minimum Age 16 years old

Start Date Start on any Monday by joining in an existing classes

Registration Fee Course registration: 500RMB; Accommodation Placement: 500RMB

Textbook 200RMB per set

Arrival Arrival on Sunday after 12pm

Departure Departure on Saturday before 12pm

Airport Transfer 400RMB

One Lesson 55 minutes per lesson including 10 minutes break

Group Size Maximum 6 students in a group class (average 4), International student mix

Course Expiry

Student must finish a course within a certain number of weeks after their start date. 50 lesson:

20 weeks; 100 lessons: 30 weeks; 150 lessons: 40 weeks; 200+ lessons: 60 weeks. Students

that fail to complete their courses within the expiry date will be deemed to waive their remaining

lessons and no lesson transfer or refund will be available.


(Courses Unavailable)

January 01, New Year’s Day January 22 to 24, Spring Festival

April 05, Qing Ming Festival May 01, Labor Day

June 23, Dragon Boat Festival September 30, Mid-Autumn Festival

October 01 to 03, National Day

Course Duration Intensive 20 Course Intensive 30 Course Combined 20+5 Combined 20+10

2weeks 2320 3480 3200 4080

3weeks 3460 5190 4780 6100

4weeks 4600 6900 6360 8120

5weeks 5725 8588 7925 10125

6weeks 6840 10260 9480 12120

7weeks 7945 11918 11025 14105

8weeks 9040 13560 12560 16080

9weeks 10125 15188 14085 18045

10weeks 11200 16800 15600 20000

11weeks 12485 18315 17325 22165

12weeks 13560 19800 18840 24120

12+ weeks 1000per week 1500 per week 1400 per week 1800 per week

Intensive 20

Four group lessons a day from 9:00 to 12:30 Monday to Friday. Focusing on practical language

skills of speaking, listening and reading phonetics with special emphasis on conversation.

Mandarin Garden "Star" Chinese Course will lead you to achieve rapid progress in your Chinese.

Intensive 30

Mandarin Garden “Innovative” Chinese Course includes six group lessons a day from

9:00-12:30pm and 13:30-15:10pm Monday to Friday. Improve listening, speaking, reading and

writing skills, the fundamental four parts needed to build a strong foundation for language.


Combined 20+10

Four group lessons a day from 9:00 to 12:30 Monday to Friday. One or two private lessons at the

end of each day for review and extra practice or to learn about any other areas of your interest.

The private lesson which you might have Business Chinese or Chinese culture and history.

2012 Dates & Prices in RMB

Private Tutoring Class

Private: 1 student Private with partner: 2 students Private Group: 3 to 5 students

160RMB/per lesson 240RMB/per lesson 88RMB/per lesson/per person

The most effective and flexible way to learn Chinese. You will meet with a private tutor who focuses on your needs.

Having lessons on your preferred timetable means you’ll be able to work around your busy schedule. It’s also possible

to have a private tutor meet your group of friends and colleagues.

Tour Study Program

Minimum Age 16 years old

Start Date Start on any Monday by joining in an existing Program

Schedule Sample

Monday to Friday: Four group Chinese lessons from 9:00 to 12:30 and four group lessons

of culture workshop and social activities from 13:30 to 17:00.

Saturday and Sunday: Field trip, such as Shanghai museum, Zhujiajiao ancient town,

Yuyuan Garden, West Lake in Hangzhou, Qibao ancient town, etc...; Yulong mountain,

Sifang Street, Changjiang Bay and Hutiao Gorge, etc…

Textbook 200RMB per set

Arrival/Departure Arrival on Sunday after 12pm; Departure on Saturday before 12pm

Airport Transfer 400RMB

One Lesson 55 minutes per lesson including 10 minutes break

Group Size Maximum 10 students in a group class (average 6), International student mix

Accommodation Star Hotel (standard room with 2 beds, independent bathroom)

Program Duration Program Price Program Location

2 weeks (120lessons) 10800 1 week at Shanghai Camp, 1 week at Lijiang Camp

4 weeks (200 lessons) 20800 2 week at Shanghai Camp, 2week at Lijiang Camp

One Day Chinese Experience

1-2 people

1100 RMB material fee included)

3-5 people

1500 RMBmaterial fee included)

Any topic below is available:

Language topics Cultural activity

1. Greeting 1.Chinese Calligraphy

2. numbers, time, date 2.Chinese Painting

3. Chinese Cuisine 3.Chinese history

4. Take a taxi 4.Chinese Wedding Custom

5. Bargain in Chinese 5.Chinese Festivals Custom

6-8 people

2000 RMBmaterial fee included)

Four lessons a day and designed for beginners. Develop your first Chinese experience in a culture environment. This

program is designed to combine a Chinese language course with Chinese culture practices. It is also a great way to get

touch with Chinese Language.

2012 Dates & Prices in RMB

8 weeks (400 lessons) 30800 4 week at Shanghai Camp, 4 week at Lijiang Camp

12 weeks (600 lessons) 40800 6 week at Shanghai Camp, 6 week at Lijiang Camp

Program characteristic

Mandarin Garden" Chinese culture experience" Tour study program is a combination of

tourist program and Chinese language and culture courses. Students have closer

observation in Chinese society and Chinese daily life. Study Chinese in profound Chinese

culture and 24 hours totally Chinese immersion environment. You will travel to Shanghai,

Yunnan Lijiang and Shangri-la attractions, enjoy their beautiful scenery.

Price include

Total 120 to 600 lessons, Registration, Standard Chinese meal ( 1 meals one day),

Shanghai- Kunming and Lijing-Shanghai Airfare, Train Ticket, Travel Bus, Accommodation,

Tourism entrance tickets, Teacher guiding.

Price not include

Airport Transfer, Textbook and materials, Passport, Visa, Travel and Medical insurance,

Additional expenses non-camp-related activities, and personal spending money.

Study Abroad and Travel Program

Program Duration Program Price Program Location

6 months (2000 lessons) 49800 1 month at Lijiang Camp and 5months at Shanghai Camp

12 months (4000 lessons) 79800 1 month at Lijiang Camp and 11months at Shanghai Camp

Four to eight Chinese lessons a day from Monday to Friday. We will bring you to travel around Shanghai, Kunming,

Lijiang, Yulong mountain, Ancient Tea route, Shangri-la, etc... on Saturday and Sunday.

Mandarin Garden “Impression of China” study Abroad and Travel Program, which can offer you six months to one year

Official Student Visa. It’s not only a Chinese language training program but also bringing you to experience real Chinese

profound culture. After 6 months or 12 months Chinese course, we guarantee our students to pass HSK Official exams.

You can get chance to apply for Chinese famous universities.




Single Room

Shared Apartment

Single Room



1weeks 800 1200 2500

2weeks 1600 2400 5000

3weeks 2400 3600 7500

4weeks 3200 4800 10000

5+ weeks 800per week 1200 per week 2500 per week


Single Room

Single room with bed, Desk, Chair, wardrobe; Broadband Internet access included; bed linen,

towels, blanket; access to equipped shared kitchen; shared bathroom; wasking machine, TV.



Single room with bed, Desk, Chair, wardrobe; Broadband Internet access included; bed linen,

towels, blanket; access to equipped shared kitchen; shared bathroom; wasking machine, TV.



Studio apartment with bed, desk, chair, wardrobe; broadband Internet access included; bed linen,

towels, blanket; equipped kitchen; bathroom; washing machine, refrigerator, TV, air-conditioner;

water, gas and electricity included; cleaning service once a week.




Overseas Language Immersion Programs